Quality Research and Innovation Services
Quality Research and Innovation Services

Leveraging expertise to translate research into results and help businesses succeed

Translational Research and Innovation

Institute of Advanced Material offers Translational Research and Materials Innovation services to businesses around the world. We help our clients enhance and optimize their business processes. Our Translational Research and Innovation services including Materials Formulation, Architecturing, and Development are focused on enhancing new tools and technologies. We leverage our expertise into solving critical business problems for our clients and get them results. The work that we do with translational research has not just created new technology and tools but shaped the way businesses and organizations work around the world. Our services span across various sectors, especially Energy, Environment, and Health. We give companies the impetus that they require with our highly focused and advanced innovation and research services.

Result-oriented And Specific Innovation Services

We help companies realize their potential with high-quality services. Our work involves leveraging our research activities into helping startups grow and scale up in the market. We help large-scale organizations grow further and gain an edge over their peers. With result-oriented Materials Innovation services, IAM acts as the perfect partner for your organization and help you with world-class innovation services. Our longstanding record and client base is a testament to the quality of work we do. Our network of technocrats and researchers are well-equipped with skills and knowledge to solve your business problems. IAM projects the future trends for businesses in the market and utilizes its innovation potential to help make significant technological advancement. We act as the bridge between idea and market for all our clients.

Perspective For Translational Research

Institute of Advanced Materials has a huge network of technocrats, partner organizations, and researchers that is spread all across the globe. Our research services and projects that we take on, are focused on substantially improving the businesses of our clients. Our team of experts and researchers utilize their experience and knowledge to conduct extensive research and studies and come up with findings that help us to enhance and upgrade the existing tools and technology in the sectors of Energy, Environment, and Health.

Our Innovation and Translational Research services are focused on the betterment of our clients’ business processes. Our primary motive has always been to exploit existing tools and technology and try to build new ones that can help business function in a better way. We recognize the issues with your business processes and conduct efficient research to provide you solutions. Our research helps our clients get an edge over their contemporaries and peers.

Our perspective for translational research

Cooperation For Translational Research & Innovation

IAM offers Translational Research Innovation Cooperation and end-to-end collaboration services. Our cooperation services are aimed at facilitating resources and technology-gathering to accelerate Materials Research and Innovations. We support the ambitious programme launched by Horizon Europe to promote a sustainable economy in Europe and lead the development of major emerging technologies. In line with this agenda, IAM helps organizations of all sizes with their consortiums. Our priority areas are

We coordinate consortiums and projects that hold the potential to further the agenda of sustainability and development of the latest technologies. Our major services include:

IAM supports researchers and organizations with their consortiums and gives them access to our international network of researchers and institutions. We collaborate with organizations and provide them a massive scale for their consortium projects to accomplish significant results for regional, domestic, and international sustainable development. Our partnership also offers a global platform for the consortiums and brings the expertise of scientists and researchers from all over the world.

What makes us better?

  • Our teams are composed of highly competent technocrats and researchers. We have a good number of partner organizations around the world. With this network, we are highly equipped to conduct high-quality research and come up with new tools and technology for different business sectors.
  • Our extensive work with translational research over the years has resulted in advanced proficiency and skills that enable us to put the needs of the businesses that we deal with in the front seat.
  • Our work with our partner organizations and network of technocrats has equipped us and our team with a profound understanding of how to go about selecting projects work for the betterment of society.

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