Sustainable Materials
Efficient Alternative Materials for Wide Usage

Promoting the Formulation and Utilization of Sustainable Materials

Sustainable Materials

Institute of Advanced Materials has constituted a consortium on the extremely important area of Sustainable Materials and Circular Economy. Sustainable Materials and Green Technologies are two areas that hold considerable importance for the world as it goes forward. These materials have minimal impact on the environment and are considered highly efficient. There is a strict need to work on efficient alternatives such as sustainable materials and align them with the business requirements of different industries. With the threat of environment deterioration growing bigger, the synthesis and development of Advanced Sustainable Materials is a critical need for businesses around the world.

Sustainable Materials

Institute of Advanced Materials offers a wide range of services on Sustainable Materials. These services include Materials Formulation, Materials Innovation, Development, etc. The consortium of Sustainable Materials is focused on bringing together experts and stakeholders to discuss the challenges of the area. IAM organizes its years of experience of working on Advanced Materials to figure out possible solutions on how to develop more efficient sustainable materials and make their implementation possible in areas like Energy, Environment, and Health. This IAM consortium is dedicated to leverage the knowledge base and experience of Materials Scientists and technocrats to find solutions and to create an environment of collaboration between academia and industry.

Objectives of the consortium:

This consortium on Sustainable Materials is organized by the Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM, with different stakeholders. The consortium is focused on:

  • Utilization of Sustainable and Biodegradable materials and their key applications in healthcare and direct consumer services.
  • Generating ideas for Biomaterials and Sustainable Materials for different business areas like Energy, Environment, and Health.
  • Creating new functional materials sustainable in nature from different industrial by-products that can prove to be useful in different areas.
  • Creating a knowledge base for Green Technologies forward and discussing the way forward for the same with experts.
  • Discussing Key application areas and industries for sustainable materials.