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Research to Business Certificate Training

Coordinated by Dr. Mikael Syväjärvi

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Training runs continuously (training circle) Benefit by impact to own case Individual feedback Register any time

Training Plan

Attend the transfer of knowledge (ToK) sessions and make research impact assignment. The training program is 6 months. Then next program starts. Anyone can enter at any time and complete training by following the training circle. For example, come in at month 4 and follow 3 months in next part of training circle.

10 ToK sessions per training program. At each session there is a focus topic. Topic is discussed at end of session. Participants are expected to be active. Research impact assignment by own business case (specific for your benefit).

Training content : 10 trainings / 6 months Jan-June; July-December Online mode (Zoom) Each session 90 minutes

Preparing the sectors of energy, environment, and health
Pushing the realms of technology and innovation

Coordinated by Dr. Mikael Syväjärvi

Training fee: 2000 Euro (including tax) Organized by Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM (Ulrika, Sweden) Certificate is given when research impact assignment is finalize

Certificate by Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM

Details of Training Plan

There are many unknown factors for research to business and no recipes. It will not happen fast. We will need to create own capacity to facilitate how our research can come to next level. We can build our capacity by sharing experiences, examples and create knowledge transfer.

The training consists of 10 transfer of knowledge topics. These serve as exercises to understand the general principle of business from research cases.

Each participant will have their specific Research impact assignment. This is taken from your own case. You will describe this and build a research towards business roadmap. Each participant will get support and feedback by the lecturer and experts. It will act to build experience in describing potential business roadmap and impact from your research.

Preparing the sectors of energy, environment, and health
Preparing the sectors of energy, environment, and health


  • Emerging technologies motivation by current technology
  • Why publishing needs new approaches for usefulness
  • Learn from silicon and silicon carbide generations
  • Look into the future today
  • The importance of value chain
  • Technology alignment with place based innovation
  • The entrepreneurial discovery process as career
  • Go international from the start
  • Disseminate to create partnerships
  • Become leading to take lead


Dr. Mikael Syväjärvi is Research & Innovation Coordinator at the Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM. He is founder of Alminica AB that is an SME providing innovation services and has ICM Research Institute as acting research body. He is active in research regarding growth of advanced materials since 1995, such as graphene on silicon carbide, and novel approaches of silicon carbide for new energy applications. Since 2005 active in the entrepreneurial discovery process by creating startups and technology transfer from research and innovation. He has experience from broader contexts for research to market, such as avenues in European research and innovation strategy for smart specialisation for regional economic growth, and strategic national innovation programmes. He is active in global partnerships for promoting impact from research, educating next generation research leaders, and establishing value chains as tool to contribute to sustainable development goals using energy and environmental technologies from advanced materials.

Preparing the sectors of energy, environment, and health
Pushing the realms of technology and innovation


Training programme and certificate are provided by the Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM which offers advanced education and training programs for career growth and capacity building. We have a global community and act with the belief that collaborations inspire fruitful research and education exchange. This facilitates new methods and technologies in advanced materials towards sustainable approaches in health, energy, and environment.

The R&D World Links are based on global network of R&D labs, expert groups and decentralized facilities that strengthen and establish interdisciplinary participation of researchers and students in international Research & Innovation activities. The institute coordinates projects and brings together experts from diverse subject areas. The Training & Education Programmes are offered to individuals in all stages of their career, as well as to companies.