Projects and Consortiums
Connecting Businesses and Cutting-Edge Technology

We Create Opportunities for Long-Term Partnerships among Academia, Business, and Industry

Projects and Consortiums

Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM, constitutes consortia and projects for academic disciplines and business areas that hold potential to transform future. With the technological challenges that the world faces on all business fronts, there is a need for good research and companies to come together. The need for collaborating cutting-age technology with business has never been more. IAM facilitates consortia that gives rise to new opportunities and create opportunities for effective partnerships between academia and industry.

IAM consortiums

IAM consortiums are focused on determining the best path and approach for a problem domain inside an industry. These consortia have been carefully designed to promote R&D activities and develop solutions for the challenges and obstacles that businesses in different industries face. One of the main objectives of these consortia is to gather expertise from various stakeholders and bring ideas to fruition. With the presence of scientists and technocrats from various countries all over the world, IAM consortia bring out the best possible solutions for different problems of businesses and industries. Moreover, these consortia also map out the path for new technologies, materials, and products in the business world.

Objectives of IAM Consortia


IAM consortia bring together network of experts, members of academia, and industry specialists.

Finding Solutions

The discussions are focused on finding solutions to the various problems of businesses and industries

Creating Collaborations

Our consortiums create the perfect environment for collaboration between different stakeholders from academia, industry, and businesses.

Intensive Discussions

IAM consortiums bring together experts from various fields and promote intensive discussions on various critical topics.

Mapping out future

We focus on identifying different technologies and mapping out their applications in businesses in different industries.

Generating results

IAM consortiums are highly result-oriented and focus on improving the existing technology and adding value to businesses.

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