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Collaboration and Partnership for EU Projects

Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM is engaging in sustainable collaborations for EU projects funding. The Horizon Europe R&I strategy aligns with three of our crucial sectors (health, energy, environment). Therefore, we call for interest from those who want to engage in different sectors. We will jointly benefit from research topics, partnerships for consortia and international network.

The Network and Partnerships

Translational Research Innovation Cooperation (TRIC) Consortiums is our way to accelerate networks of cooperation to transform your research from TRL 3 to TRL 6. We have multidisciplinary experts’ groups from more than 50 countries. The way to initiate building your project ideas further are by pitch session. This leads to participation in the future project calls, please join our TRIC Consortiums.

TRIC Consortium is developing opportunities towards projects, collaborations, partnerships, internationalization, career development For Translational Research. If you want to shape your idea and look for strong evidence-based partnerships, please join our world R & D links to apply for suitable grants of European Union, European Research Council- ERC, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions, M-era.Net, Vinnova and many more.

Materials Science Services for Healthcare

For more information, please visit consortium page, TRIC Consortiums and join following appropriate experts’ group:

In the TRIC meeting, our experts will support to define strategies for enhancement of your research, technology, and facilities.

Starting a Proposal with IAAM

IAAM is open to support your EU proposals, from writing the application to the completion of the project with its last report. Here it is crucial that you have identified your research topic that you want to grow to consortium and EU collaboration. Therefore, we advise to be agile and initiate the project as soon as possible.

Materials Science Services for Healthcare

Engaging IAAM for Proposal

IAAM is actively supporting its collaborators to forward a successful application, by screening project ideas, judiciously selecting the right call, rightfully fetching the right partners, and wisely helping the proposal. A brief application form and presentation are starting points [link here]

Collaborators are strongly encouraged to carefully follow the Horizon Europe Programme and its application manuals.

Materials Science Services for Healthcare