Flexible and Wearable Electronics
Sustainable and Innovative Products for the End-Users

IAM is Committed to Developing Inventive Knowledge and Ideas for Wearable Devices

Flexible and Wearable Electronics

Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM, organizes consortium to discuss the wide field of Flexible and Wearable Electronics. We leverage our network of clients and technocrats to hold an extensive consortium on this important area.

Flexible and Wearable

Flexible and Wearable Electronics involve the amalgamation of advanced materials and gadgets with different processes to produce lightweight electronic products. The current challenge in this area is to tap the different markets for these products that can benefit from these innovations. The challenges in Advanced Functional Materials need to be addressed in order to improve the manufacturing processes and technologies to create sustainable and innovative products for the end-consumer. The IAM consortium on Flexible and Wearable Electronics is focused on generating ideas to improve the processes and innovations the progress in device technology.

Wearable and Flexible Electronic Devices is a rapidly developing area. The area is a unique field that functions on the combination of Materials Science &Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Nanotechnology. Different Advanced Materials are directly used in the manufacturing of these devices. From wearable watches to other smart products, the area is booming and IAM uses its consortium to bring together diverse expertise and generate new ideas for the progress of this area.

Objectives of the consortium:

The IAM consortium on Flexible and Wearable Electronics is meant to discuss and focus on:

  • Improving the research and innovation in the area of Advanced Materials to ensure smoother transition of Materials to usable Electronic devices.
  • Technology improvements to improve the performance of Wearable devices and their functionality and reliability.
  • Increasing the cooperation in Research & Development in terms of device development and the related manufacturing processes.
  • Development of new products based on new Advanced materials and cutting-edge technologies.
  • Stimulating collaborations between companies and organizations in order to increase industrial investment in the field of wearable devices and electronics.
  • Making opportunities for the use of Wearable Electronics in different sectors.