Energy Innovation and Technology
Transforming Energy with Cutting-Edge Technology

A Dedicated Consortium to Explore the Future of Clean and Inventive Energy

Energy Innovation and Technology

The Energy sector is being reshaped by innovative and emerging technologies at a rapid pace. With the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and several other clean energy breakthrough technologies, the business processes in the Energy industry are becoming better, feasible, and more efficient. There is a highly surging interest in Renewable energy along with efforts to improve the output of fossil fuels. New-age technology has been extremely instrumental in improving the production of affordable and clean energy. From smart grids for electrical energy to highly effective insights for wind energy, innovative technological methods have permeated the Energy industry like never before. Clearly, technological innovation has become central to the Energy processes. It is the only hope to improve the access to clean energy in remote areas and decrease the global dependence on conventional energy methods.

consortium on energy industry

Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM, has constituted a consortium on this significantly important area. We offer services like consultancy, commercialization of technology, and many more to the companies working in the Energy industry. This consortium is designed to focus on the existing challenges of the same. We bring together experts from the industry on the same table with technology giants and professional in order to discuss all the challenges in Energy industry. The consortium creates the perfect setting for experts to discuss innovative methods that can be employed in Energy industry. It also infuses the spirit of collaboration among the industry giants and tech-giants.

Objectives of the consortium:

The IAM consortium on ‘Energy Innovation and Technology’ is organized with specific aims and objectives. The consortium is focused on:

  • Generating new insights and ideas for more effective use of new age technologies in the Energy industry.
  • Enhancing energy production methods for various types of energy.
  • Discussing the ways to reduce the costs of energy production and consumption across locations.
  • Improving the access to renewable and clean energy in the remote areas by the use of cutting-edge technology.
  • Utilizing technology to eliminate pollution from the methods of energy production.
  • Analyzing insights related to the consumption and production of energy to optimize the processes and improving efficiency.
  • Identifying other key areas that should be focused upon and that can be improved with the implementation of better technology.