Energy industry-specific quality services

IAM offers Materials Innovation and Translational Research Services to help Energy companies overcome all challenges


Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM, provides high-quality services like Materials Innovation, Translational Research, Technological Innovation, Training & Education, and Global Consultancy to companies working in the Energy sector. We help companies develop and deploy new technologies to provide sustainable, innovative, and cleaner energy solutions. Our services have proven helpful to revolutionize the way energy requirements are met. With our materials formulation and technological development services, we help our clients develop better functionality and stimulate growth of their business. We help our clients develop faster and more agile innovation and make it possible for them to react swiftly to changes in the market demand.
Driving Innovation in Energy Sector

Driving Innovation in Energy Sector

IAM helps companies overcome the global competition and innovate faster to deliver better products and services to their customers. One thing that is constant in the Materials & Energy industry is the growing change. Our consultancy and innovation services are designed to make companies become more efficient and optimize the way they operate and create energy. The Energy industry is undergoing a transition with regards to the need to build sustainable solutions and mitigate the damages of climate change. IAM helps companies develop sustainable processes and energy systems to bring about sophisticated ways to develop energy. Our services are dedicated to improve the production of our energy industry clients and reduce the production costs.

Materials Services for Energy

Innovative and Advanced Materials are the rising demand for the production of low-carbon energy technologies. Institute of Advanced Materials brings together research, industry expertise, and leverages its capability in Advanced Materials and Technology to help clients make some tangible growth in innovative energy technologies. We help companies build new processes for the development of sustainable energy and survive in the market. Our experts help you figure out the future demand of energy and the supply potential of your organization. We also offer our Materials restructuring, simulation, and Formulation Services to provide the ultra-efficient materials used in energy technologies based on new knowhow. Reducing the Carbon footprint and Decarbonisation of Energy industry is the new norm around the world. With our Materials Innovation and Translational Research services, IAM helps companies overcome all the new and novel challenges related to materials in energy applications.

Industry-Specific Consultancy

Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM, utilizes its experience of working in Energy sector to offer highly specific and effective consultancy. If you are looking for professional business consultancy specific to the Energy industry, our team of experts are more than equipped to help you. Having worked with a diverse range of Energy companies and organizations, Institute of Advanced Materials understands the global energy sector and its needs. Our team of engineers and scientists offer world-class consultancy after performing critical assessments and evaluation of your company's needs and business prospects. We help you make sure that your energy solutions are compliant, safe, effective, and line with global trends and demands.

Why Choose Institute of Advanced Materials?

  • Abundant experience of working in the Energy Sector
  • Deep understanding of the global energy industry and trends
  • Solutions based on the business requirements of your company
  • High-Quality Materials Formulation Services to help with decarbonisation of Energy production
  • World-class consultancy specific to Energy industry
  • Services focused to help clients achieve their objectives and sustain with emerging technologies