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Dr. Dana Cristina Toncu holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Oil & Gas University of Ploiesti, and second PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Politehnica University Bucharest, Romania. She has vast experience in research and management of R&D projects from both academia and industry in Europe, USA, and Asia. Dr. Toncu is currently leading the R&D programmes at the Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM.

Dr. Dana has more than 10 years of research experience in the designing and developments of high-tech engineering materials and technology for energy, health, and environment. Her long-standing R&D journey in compasses with association of reputable academic institutions such as Politecnico di Milano, Italy; Medtronic Vascular, Ireland; University of Cincinnati, USA; National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland, Technical University of Eindhoven, Netherlands; etc. with high-end industrial partnerships. Dr. Toncu was engaged in the state-of-the-art innovations in European region and modulate projects for start-ups and entrepreneurship opportunities by propagating translational research for business. She also serves as Guest Editor for Special Issue ‘Research and Education in Oil, Gas, and Coal Engineering’, Science Publishing Group.

The R&D Programs and Project Management

Dr. Toncu has been engaged in innovation and technology led project management by delivering proficiency in pre-evaluation, writing, proposal preparation, project coordination and implementation. She is professional in multidisciplinary R & D programs handling and assist in the idea evaluation, grant selection, partner assortment, project submission, monitoring, work dissemination and report preparation. Dr. Toncu review project to improve scientific excellence and helps in the consortium build-up based on work packages, regional scientific policy and European Union requirement for the multiorganization. Prior knowledge of R & D program helps to manages and mitigating risk to applicants.

Dr. Toncu starring role will entail the coordination of Horizon Europe, especially Pillar 1-European Research Council (ERC) and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Award (MSCA), and other International R & D programs to ensure projects are successful from application to delivery steps according to a managed scheme. The obligation will comprehend interaction with various stakeholders, planning, leading and providing key technical attributes within the R&D function with reporting regularly on milestones and objectives to the senior project team. Dr. Toncu manages a functional project team via possession of understanding of innovation, emerging technologies and to bring these notions to R & D applications to enhance the significance of the proposed project. To succeed at competitive programs, she spearheads purpose-led, resilient, and accountable collaboration, which offers global vision and roadmap to make an impact.

Accomplishments in the Research and Innovation

The R&D accomplishments of Dr. Toncu include combustion engineering and associated technologies for example power generation, engines and propulsion, emissions and environmental pollution control, carbon abatement technologies, biomass utilisation and biomass conversion technologies, energy from waste, energy conversion, energy recovery, fuel cells, energy storage, clean energy technologies, pyrolysis/gasification, future fuels, and hydrogen. The innovative and sustainable research in energy sector is frontiers area in developing energy-related technologies. Dr. Dana Cristina Toncu contribute significantly to collaborative energy research in order to extend ability for improved and paradigm-changing innovation. Innovative fuels and their characterisation, as well as combustion diagnosis were predilected research topics of her research.

Materials Engineering and Aviation Technology

Materials have become a key pedal in the development of new technologies in Industrial sectors. Dr. Dana Cristina Toncu foster scientific relationship across disciplines and accelerate development of the extremely emerging areas of science and technology. She worked and report on tactical significances and recommending benefit realisation. Innovative materials, such as carbon nanotubes and diamonds, but also double-base solid propellants for rocket engines, with their metallic-polymer dual nature, were extensively investigated, and significant results were published in esteemed journals.

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