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COVID Science and Technology

The COVID Science and Technology Consortium is a dedicated forum for discussing fundamental to advanced R&D related to the novel coronavirus. It is a platform to devise new methods related to diagnostics, treatment, drug development, clinical study, disease management, and all other aspects of the virus. This consortium brings together a diverse range of ideas and integrates significant efforts to link COVID-19 R&D related to disease origins, types, transmission, pathogenesis, epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis, genomics, and proteomics. It is an attempt at collecting the most significant and latest research and utilizing it to empower the world’s fight against the coronavirus.

In recent times, advanced technologies such as digital medicine, sensors, and artificial intelligence have proved to be extremely valuable for effective mass healthcare. The state-of-the-art control methods and techniques may contribute to various types of other epidemic and pandemic incidences that may arise in the future. The COVID Science and Technology is committed to leveraging the association of multidisciplinary scientists and technocrats to find results and to establish an atmosphere of alliance between academia, industry, clinical partners, hospitals, policymakers, government and non-government agencies. The consortium will utilize the ideas, findings, and suggestions to find ways to better tackle the coronavirus and enhance the scientific contribution to reducing the effect of this pandemic. The COVID Science and Technology is a one-of-a-kind initiative to counter the negative that the pandemic has brought on the world and humankind, with scientific insights and R&D.

Objectives of the consortium:

The COVID consortium link up multi-disciplinarity R&D organizations, academia and industry to the end users for mitigating the impact of the pandemic. COVID S&T consortium will witness the participation of scientists from all over the world and will be acutely focused on :

  • Enriching and developing diagnosis and control applications with understanding of the regional and continental transmission model of COVID.
  • Expansion of advanced materials to create COVID sensor technology while dealing with technological aspects in the new functional materials.
  • Incorporation of Immuno-molecular and biochemical data with translational products. Promote technological improvements in smart and wearable devices for mass healthcare.
  • Formulation of new policies by governments to mitigate the impact of future pandemic caused by microorganisms and its variants by adopting genomic epidemiology and other scientific studies as part of national pandemic prevention program.
  • Offer training program to government and non-government associated healthcare professionals. Development of COVID resilient work environment for all business establishments.