Commercializing Technology
Translating Technology into useful products

Utilizing research and innovation to make the transition of technology into commercial products

Commercializing Technology

Institute of Advanced Materials is in the business of finding solutions to problems. It is our belief that technology is the way forward for the world. A major part of what we do is ensuring that good research and technology reaches the market in the form of a finished product for the end-user. Institute of Advanced Materials prioritises the commercialization of its valuable research and also offers this service to organizations all around the world. We help you take your idea to the marketplace in the form of a product. We provide you the right network and strategies to ensure that we create the optimum financial value out of your technology and research.
need for commercialization of technology

The need for commercialization of technology

Technology commercialization exists in almost all the products that we use today. In the time to come, businesses around the world will succeed and fail on the basis of the discipline in their efforts to commercialize technology and research. Companies across the globe are compelled to develop this capability in order to bloom in the business world. Most organizations that are successful today have the ability to bring new technology-based products into the market at a rapid pace. To succeed with the contemporaries, it is the need of the hour for organizations to exploit the commercial aspects of their technology effectively.

Your idea, our productization

Institute of Advanced Materials considers it a priority to ensure that new and cutting-age technology gets commercialized and reach their full potential by being adopted in several industries. IAM assists companies and organizations of all sizes with their commercialization projects. We facilitate everything further from the inception of the idea until it reaches the market as a finished product. IAM holds a great track record, having helped a number of organizations around the world in the process of commercialization of technology.

Your idea, our productization

Our Services

Technology Assessment

IAM assesses the potential for commercialization that your technology or idea holds. Our consultants determine whether or not the technology or the Intellectual Property is ready to be commercialized. We assess the strengths and potential for success in your Intellectual property according to the needs of the market. We help you figure out the time and market where the commercialization is expected to bear optimum results and financial value.

Crafting the right strategy for startups and large companies

The appropriate approach to commercializing a technology depends on the nature of the technology and the scale of the organization. It is also associated with the stage of development that the intellectual property is in. IAM crafts the right strategy for your technology or intellectual property after considering all the necessary factors.

Providing networks

While launching a new product or technology, it is important for a startup or company to have the right network. IAM leverages its global network to connect you with the required licensees and investors. We avail for you the right kind of expertise and resources. We help you get connected to the appropriate business networks that ensure the success of your products or intellectual property.

Collecting market intelligence

IAM helps you uncover your potential competitors before you even launch your product. In order to ensure the success of your technology or intellectual property, IAM’s experts determine the competition your product will face. We help you determine whether your product will satisfy the needs and demands of the market better than your competitors.

Determining feasibility

As part of the incubation services, IAM determines the feasibility of your technology or intellectual property in a specific area, market, or region. We help you uncover whether the proposed technology or product is likely to work or not. This feasibility study proves to be extremely useful for companies as it helps them win over the potential users and investors.

Assembling Financing

Institute of Advanced Materials also helps startups and small-scale organizations in their attempts to assemble financing for the new technology or the intellectual property. We leverage our network around the world in order to help you seek out the financing possibilities and expertise that you require for each stage of commercialization. We ensure that your technology gets to the market in the shape of a useful and efficient finished product for the customers.