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About Us

about iaam | About Us

The Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM (Org. nr. 559167-3883 and VAT nr. SE559167388301) was founded in the year 2015 in association with International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM), Sweden, and VBRI. The institute has been working to empower different industries and sectors with the help of translational research and innovation. We offer services that are highly focused on innovation and development. As an organization, we seek to push the boundaries of the realm of technology and innovation and try to benefit the various sectors that are crucial to the existence of mankind.

Institute of Advanced Materials is a renowned international organization that works to promote translational research & innovations in the sectors of energy, environment, health, and many more. The institute provides high-quality consultancy in R&D, technology transfer, and infrastructure developments to ensure the transition of good quality of research into useful and significant products for the end-user. IAM has maintained its materials science and technology outreach by forming healthy partnerships and collaborations with the best of researchers, institutes, and scientists around the world.

IAM takes into account the consumer demand and intends to design, innovate, and optimize materials through its outreach and research of broad disciplines including Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, medicine, nanoscience, mathematical modelling, and Biology. The institute works to promote translational research and innovation for the welfare of society. Our work does not just include creating new tools and technology, we lay an emphasis on transforming lifestyles around the world and making a difference to the lives of people. IAM is specially focused on the research themes of advanced materials science, engineering, and technology and works to promote innovation and technology.

Our work

IAM has been predominantly involved with materials science and nanotechnology based research. The institute has had a history of contributing significantly in the development of various materials, by modification at atomic and molecular levels. The Materials Science and nanotechnology based research conducted by IAM’s vast network of experts and technocrats has generated a wave of innovation and technical excellence.

IAM has a network of experienced researchers, scientists, and technocrats that is highly widespread. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals, who hold considerable experience in their fields and are capable of supporting projects in the fields of research & innovation, IT, digital marketing, technology transfer, global consultancy, and many more.

With an aim to increase the accessibility of knowledge, Institute of Advanced Materials also acts as a publishing platform. Besides, the institute also offers digital marketing services and industrial training. The industrial training is offered to young and dynamic individuals by highly qualified experts with an aim to help them grow in their respective careers and make them acquainted with the modern technology and translational research methods.