Projects and Consortiums
Facilitating Partnerships with Global R&D Links

We Offer Global Decentralized Facilities to Support Translational Research & Innovation Projects among Researchers

R&D World Links and Decentralized Facilities

Our world R&D decentralized initiatives are based on the belief that collaborations inspire translational innovation by enhancing new methods and technologies in materials sustainability, health, energy, and environment. With this belief, Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM, has established a network of R&D labs and decentralized facilities that strengthen and facilitate interdisciplinary participation of global researchers and scientists in Translational Research & Innovation activities. The institute coordinates projects and brings together experts from diverse subject areas on these integrated experts’ networks and facilities.

Aims and Objectives

Our network of decentralized facilities and R&D World Links is aimed at supporting innovative research projects and partnerships. Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM, acts as the central coordinator and organizes a number of consortia, experts’ groups, and translational research programs for sustainable future. We ensure that the projects are carried out with the maximum level of interaction. We also utilize our global network to promote research and innovation programs with academic and research institutions as well as business organizations. Our primary aim is to allow the best minds from different scientific disciplines to come together on our R&D World Links and connect with their peers with the same interests and make major advancements in Translational Research and Innovations.


IAM consortia bring together network of experts, members of academia, and industry specialists.

Finding Solutions

The discussions are focused on finding solutions to the various problems of businesses and industries

Creating Collaborations

Our consortiums create the perfect environment for collaboration between different stakeholders from academia, industry, and businesses.

Intensive Discussions

IAM consortiums bring together experts from various fields and promote intensive discussions on various critical topics.

Mapping out future

We focus on identifying different technologies and mapping out their applications in businesses in different industries.

Generating results

IAM consortiums are highly result-oriented and focus on improving the existing technology and adding value to businesses.

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Action Plans for International R&D Links

We allow researchers with varied interests, especially the ones working for the Advancement of Materials to build a Sustainable World, to join forces and build long-term sustained partnerships through these comprehensive R&D World Links. Our decentralized facilities are part of a larger agenda with multiple action plans:

Action Plan 1. Facilitating partnerships and collaborations for actively working on Translational Research Initiatives, Joint Research Programs, Educational Activities, and Joint Supervision of Students.

Action Plan 2. Creating decentralized world-wide joint/network labs and experts.

Action Plan 3. Finding solutions to problems by providing the right network and strategies and ensuring that we create the optimum financial value out of your technology and research.

Action Plan 4. Constitute consortia and projects to transform research and innovation.

Action Plan 5. Coordinate the transition of projects and prototype products from research stage to TRL 6 or above in the sectors of Energy, Environment, Health, and many more.

Action Plan 6. Provide innovative solutions and analytical strategies to ensure your compliance with internationally accepted United Nation’s Agenda of green practices through eco-friendly innovation.

Making optimum usage of the sphere of Advanced Materials

R&D World Links for Interdisciplinary Research Programs

The decentralized Labs allow scientists from all parts of the world, each with a special expertise, set of resources, and data to collaborate efficiently and work on prolonged R&D projects. These projects result in the sharing of resources and promote clear communication among scientists and help them advance towards mutual sustainable development goals. They provide a simulated environment for Translational Research and Innovation activities, with a distinct focus on digitalization and sustainable practices. Our decentralized infrastructure successfully creates a global lab-to-lab link among experts that leads to the smooth functioning of experiments and research for translational innovation in areas of Health, Energy, and Environment.

Multi-Lateral Collaborations and Partnerships

Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM, utilizes its decentralized facilities to stimulate global multi-lateral collaborations and partnerships among researchers and scientists from various areas. We create opportunities where scientists find their peers from across the world and connect with them over different R&D programs. Our decentralized facilities act as global interface centers and incubators for ideas to develop into products. By bringing varied expertise on one platform, Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM’s R&D World Links contribute significantly to promoting substantial advances in Translational Research and Innovations. We eliminate the need for researchers to get together every time an idea needs to be discussed. With our globally decentralized facilities, we are making it easier for scientists with similar objectives to connect and work together on a long-term basis for efficient multi-inter-trans disciplinary research programs.

Preparing the sectors of energy, environment, and health
Pushing the realms of technology and innovation

Projects and Consortiums

Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM, constitutes international consortia and projects for academic disciplines and business areas that hold potential to transform future.