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Artificial Intelligence & Sustainability Camp

Creating Sustainable World through
Artifical Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence & Sustainability Camp

Onsite, and Online Hybrid Participation Setups

International Association of Advanced Materials, IAAM designed this camp to teach the young participants about the opportunities the AI world provides with a focus on sustainability. The camp will broaden your perspective on the world around you upon the various opportunities of AI being integrated into sustainability to produce smart and green technologies. The course is designed for beginners and will not be expected from the participants to have any previous knowledge of coding or climate neutrality.

This 5-day course is targeted towards beginners, students and young researchers. The course will teach you the principles  of artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as how to apply your knowledge to contribute to a more environmentally friendly society by utilizing coding software like Python and TensorFlow. With the assistance of professionals you will be able to distinguish numerous machine learning algorithms, machine learning tasks, and their applications, as well as how they operate. At the end of the course, you will be challenged in applying your knowledge to design an outstanding AI product of your choice, with the chance to win the non-profit organization's ‘Future AI & Sustainability Leadership Award’.

Subject Areas

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
    •   Types of AI (Limited memory, Theory mind, Self awareness)
  • Introduction to Data Science
    •   Data preparation using Microsoft Excel & Access.
    •   Data manipulation & Data Analysis
    •   Data visualisation using Power BI
  • Basic Concepts of Machine Learning
    •   Supervised learning
    •   Unsupervised learning
    •   Reinforcement learning
  • Introduction to deep learning including neural networks
  • Introduction to programming using Python.
  • Introduction of Climate Neutrality and Net-Zero Technology
  • How knowledge of AI can be integrated into sustainability
  • Future of AI and Sustainability
  • Real applications of these learnings
    •   AI and UN Sustainable Development Goals (advancements, how AI will affect SDGs, etc)
    •   AI and climate change (with some demonstration)


This camp will be offered Onsite, and Online having a Hybrid Participation Setups


  Onsite: 1500 EUR

  Online: 400 EUR

Onsite participation fee includes :

  • Shared accommodation during camp
  • Full board across the week
  • Transfer to/from the Linköping Central Station
  • 17 hours of lectures and guidance from experts
  • Participation in various social activities
  • Opportunity to create an AI for sustainable world

Online participation fee includes:

  • 17 hours of lectures and guidance from experts
  • Opportunity to create an AI project for sustainable world
  • One online participation for cultural exchange as social activity

Camp Leaders

Ashutosh tiwari

Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari

Director and CEO

Materials Research, Translational Innovation, and Sustainability

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mikael Syväjärvi Coordinator, Research and Innovation

Dr. Mikael Syväjärvi

Coordinator, Research and Innovation

Build innovation capacity through collaboration and partnerships

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Anshuman mishra

Dr. Anshuman Mishra

Group Leader

Healthcare Management and Disease Research

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Dr. Ahmad Soltani Nejad

Information System Manager

Data Science and Society

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Smriti Mishra

Applied AI and Data Science

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Dr. Dana Cristina Toncu

R&D Programme Manager

Innovative Materials, Medical Devices and Aerospace Engineering

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Awards and Recognitions

The International Association of Advanced Materials facilitates the renowned IAAM Future AI & Sustainability Leadership Award to acknowledge individual contributions to applying artificial intelligence and technology for UN Sustainable Development Goals.

IAAM recognizes the extraordinary contributions of students and young visionaries at the start of their careers as part of its awards and recognitions program. The IAAM Future AI & Sustainability Leadership Award is intended for students and young researchers who have the inventive potential to apply cutting-edge technologies such as AI, remote sensing, and other industry 4.0 tools to create a more sustainable future. The organization bestows this prize and recognition to encourage researchers to continue creating ground-breaking research for Advancing AI Research to Global Scale.


  • Introduction from learning concepts to Artificial Intelligence
  • The integration of AI to Sustainability
  • Certificate of Attendance portfolio of college application
  • The camp experience is a merit in CV
  • Diploma from the IAAM
  • Opportunity to win the Future AI & Sustainability Leadership Award

Contact Us

If you have any auestions or concerns , feel free to contact us

Phone Number

(+46) 70680-2324


Gammalkilsvägen 18, Ulrika 590 53, Sweden

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Driving Innovation in Energy Sector

Social activities

The Camp is a combination of education and social activities. Natural harmony will be given by discovering beautiful surroundings as well as introduce new ways for work style.

Additional activities available are kayaking and canoeing on the peaceful Amundebosjön lake, hiking in a 300 hundred year old forest, camping with a wonderful lake view, and other activities such as football and paintball.


Ulrika is a town in the municipality of Linköping, county of Östergötland, Sweden. It is located 40 kilometres south-southwest of Linköping. The Ulrika church, named after Queen Ulrika Eleonora, was built in 1737 and bears the village's name. The community boasts a lovely setting that consists primarily of forests, hills, and lakes.

Driving Innovation in Energy Sector

Travel and accommodation


Shuttle from Linköping Central Station to Ulrika at 11.00
( 08 July 2022 )

Shuttle from Ulrika to Linköping Central Station at 15.00
( 12 July 2022 )


All participants will be in shared accommodation. Single accommodation can be organised if requested in advance for extra cost.


Full board including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks will be provided during the camp. Please inform us in advance if you have any allergies or preferences.

Organized by

International Association of Advanced Materials, IAAM

International Association of Advanced Materials, IAAM ( 802503-6784) is a renowned non-profit international scientific organization. The activities started in 2010 to create exchange between research in the field of advanced materials. The advanced materials are developed to technologies, and technologies are used in the society in various ways. One avenue is related to artificial intelligence and digitalization. The IAAM activities have been created to create interactions, knowledge transfer and facilitate a better society. The knowledge transfer to the young generation is an important part to contribute to 2050 sustainable goals and meet societal needs for the future. In this new decade, IAAM is going to work extensively with the motto of “Advancement of Materials to Sustainable and Green World”.

Driving Innovation in Energy Sector