Industrial Research & Developments

The Institute of Advanced Materials is actively engaged in multidisciplinary areas of research & developments related to advanced materials science & technology. Institute is prioritising innovation for improving quality of life in collaboration with experts and industries. We build a more secure society by developing different new materials which are helpful to produce economical technology.

IAM is dedicated to accomplishing a sophisticated level in different technologies that are helpful solving global problems through dedicated endeavours focusing on competitive and friendly technologies. These areas are creating interesting results that are increasing our knowledge to the existing research in areas of energy, water technology, advanced materials & engineering, healthcare technology and sustainable developments maintaining core and shared facilities, vocational training, technological entrepreneurship and fostering collegial exchanges of international expertise.

The Institute of Advanced Materials focuses on developing new functional materials and has collaborators in over 20 major countries. IAM follows a consortium approach to offer all-in-one materials engineering and technological solutions to industries by working together cooperatively. Evidently, IAAM developed expertise based diverse consultancy system for different organizations (Industry, research, and educational systems). IAAM has worldwide based scientific network who can work for any technology-based solutions.

Knowledge Transfer

Worldwide network of various technology field and various collaborations, helps in technology transfer for the easy of industrial business and enhancement of industrial research. We facilitate interdisciplinary and innovation-oriented research transfer towards the need of society.

Product Characterization

Product classification and their downstream application based on various methodology is key component of industry-based products. IAM provides immediate solution of any technological demands through the top technocrats belonging to various scientific field (IT, Software’s, Engineering, Physicals, Chemical, and Biological etc.) and nonscientific field (Management, Social and IPR) is key characteristics of our unique network system.

Product design and services

Product based on material science were evaluated through our advanced and time bound consultancy services. We believe in regulatory and innovative expertise based helps to companies or research organization in the diversified field. Our innovation-based products were making benchmark across industry and set a higher standard through the comparable metrics.