Industrial Training

Efforts to enable various Industry based activity and training to improve knowledge and practice by expert advice, policy management, and in-house innovative scientific assets is identified as one of key areas of action. We have created a core set of training modules to raise awareness among different categories of staffs.

Research & Developments

A Solid scientific knowledge and interdisciplinary approaches led to world class research in material science field. IAAM able to recognized global challenges and ready to provide research based innovative developments in globalized market and industry.

Skill Training

It has been recognized that relatively inexperienced staff can hurdle the growth of organizations. IAAM involved in the governance of research based education systems which possess a range of skills in order to delivery competencies and knowledge in the staff to complete their task effectively.

Innovation and IPR

Ultimate programs of research and development units were evaluated for the possibilities of the innovative idea which is able to induce a paradigm change in the research process. We believe in “Adoptive to be Innovative” model and characterized, all important features (required either through extensive collaboration or knowledge transfer) for their intellectual property (“IPR”) in the context of delivery of innovation.

Business Advisers and Markets

We can facilitate a business team for an assessment of their product market. We approach towards updated product business development process (e.g., procedures and process flows), defining required customers, business, global demand, development teams, and other defining systems, to support any organizations business model. Digital marketing and advance statistical parameters used for effective business planning and market survey.